We're gOnNA WEAR You OUT!

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The Meal Plan and Hydration:

Let us start from the beginning!

Remember there is nothing new under the Sun!

The "Designer" gives us grass, herb yielding fruit & tree's, the "Designer" saw it was "Good".

Notice verse 9 the "Designer" made to grow "every tree" that is pleasant to the sight and "Good" for food.  "Evil" does not flow from a "Good" "Designer".

Gens 2:16-17
This is why the "Designer" warns man kind not to eat of the tree because he did not plant knowledge of "Evil" in his garden. 

Notice without the tree of the Knowledge of Good & Evil,  there can be no more "Curse".  This further confirms it the "Designer" did not set up his creation to be cursed in his garden our "Adversary" did.             
"Understanding your Adversary"

​Notice the "Designer" gave us "every tree" as a food source.  So it is clear that the tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil was not planted in the garden by the "Designer" but was planted by the "Adversary" that which "Evil" flows. 
So the battle rages on, we will provide understanding of "How to eat", "What to eat" and what kind of holistic supplement cocktail can work for you. Your "Meal Plan" must surpass your performance especially if you are a "High Performance" individual. Remember "High Performance" vehicles run on premium not regular gas. Water/Hydration is most important we will reveal water technology necessary to burn fat and increase cellular integrity which means gain muscle.