BIG Group Fitness

We're gOnNA WEAR You OUT!


Services/Fitness Training for Specificity:

We provide training in an environment conducive to Competitive Bodybuilding, Men's and Women's Physique, Figure & Bikini preparation.

We successfully train Men & Women as a team to compete as a single entity. Our programs consist of weight training, cardiovascular output,  Diet/Supplementation, Proper Hydration and Rest "REM"/Sleep.

A team "training together" "lives together", once unified in "spirit" we cannot be denied much like "Special Forces Teams"  trained and unified through adversity in the military to complete an objective at all cost. Righteous momentum can't be stopped when unified for a righteous cause.

We provide our clients with training and practice in "Stage Presence Skills" such as posing,  choreography and how to entertain your audience. 

Competition Journals can be purchased in our Fitness Store.

Services/Meal Plans:

We provide our clients with meal plans based on their current fitness assessment, body type, bloodline, and fitness goals they want to achieve individually or as a team. All medical conditions are evaluated prior to pursuit of remedy with a 100% holistic natural path approach. Prescription medications are designed to temporarily aid a potential life threatening morbidity. Once your body is back in balance, and can heal itself, a natural path holistic replacement is in order.  

Meal Plan Journals can be purchased in our Fitness Store!

Services/Classes to Download

Many of our clients travel the world and don't want to miss classes,  as a result we provide an environment wherever you go to still be unified in the spirit. Classes such as SPIN, BOXING, MARANGA SOUL, HYPE are just a few of our downloadable classes that create the mindset with which you need to keep training diligently when on the road.

Classes can be purchased in the Fitness Store and downloaded onto any mobile device.