Bodybuilding and Mens Physique Titles - MICHAEL

Mr. San Diego "Overall" Novice Class - 1st Place Middleweight Champion, BB (NPC)

The San Diego "Middleweight" Open Class - 1st Place Champion, BB (NPC)

The Palm Springs "Middleweight" Open Class - 2nd Place, BB (NPC)

The California State "Middleweight" Open Class - 11th Place, BB (NPC)

The Excalibur "Middleweight" Masters Class - 2nd Place, BB, (NPC)

The Boarder States "Middleweight" Masters Class - 2nd Place, BB (NPC)

The Grand Prix "Mens Physique" Masters Class - 5th Place, (TOP 5 "Nationally Qualified") (NPC)

The Excalibur "Mens Physique" Masters Class - 3rd Place, ("Nationally Qualified") (NPC)

The Excalibur "Lightweight" Masters Class - 1st Place Champion, BB ("Nationally Qualified") (NPC)

National Contender for Pro Card in Bodybuilding & Mens Physique

Education and Special Skills:

Rehabilitation conditioning for Cardiovascular Recovery and Overcoming "CHF" as well as "ACL" rehabilitation and conditioning through exercise physiology. Research of, and understanding Toxicology and Cell Restoration. Product Development, DVD Production, Project Management, Choreography/Posing and Runway presentation, Weight Management, Eating for your bloodtype, extensive bloodline research and genetic engineering, AFAA certified.

We're gOnNA WEAR You OUT!

Overall Female Bodybuilding Titles - JOYCE


BIG Group Fitness


Was forged into fitness by the U.S. Navy. Hand-picked as a SEAL Team prospect "chosen" by his Company Commanders in Boot Camp at NTC/San Diego and his Commanding Officer of the USS Kinkaid DD 965, Captain G. G. Riggle. To welcome Mike to the ward room and to the fleet he was given a autograph copy of "Keys to the Inner Universe", by Bill Pearl by his Commanding Officer, Captain G. G. Riggle. Mike received an Honorable Discharge.

Out of necessity in service to the military, weight training and running soon became a lifestyle which Mike took to the next level. Combined with a Martial Arts and soon a Performing Arts background consisting of modeling, commercials, acting, voice acting, and bodybuilding.

Collegent & Military training in Behavior Science, Chemical Dependency and Business 

at Grand Valley State University, Detroit College of Business, National University and the USN. Licensed by the State Board as a professional Contractor with more than 25 years experience.

Pacific USA "Overall" Lightweight Champion Womens, BB (NPC)

North County Muscle Classic "Overall" Lightweight Champion, BB (NPC)

San Diego Bodybuilding Championships "Overall" Lightweight Champion, BB (NPC)

Wally Boyko's Muscle Show "The Expo" "Overall" Lightweight Champion, BB (NPC)

Gold Cup Bodybuilding Championship "Overall" Lightweight Champion, BB (NPC)

She was born in the Fitness Industry! Began running organized track and field at the tender age of 9, breaking city and state records.

Lettered in:

  • track and field
  • volleyball
  • basketball
  • field hockey
  • band

Joyce won gold and bronze at Jr. Olympics. Received athletic scholarship for Track and Field from San Diego State University. Graduated with B.S. degree in Physiology of Exercise specializing in Kinesiology and Athletic Training. Appointed Graduate Teaching Assistant to professors of Biomechanics, Antropremetrics, Physiology of Exercise and instructed/coached team and racquet sports. Achieved top 5 National ranking for athletic performance in Track and Field and Women's Bodybuilding.

Earned certifications for:

  • Group Fitness
  • Personal Training
  • Health Fitness

Continues to contribute to the Fitness Industry:

  • Fitness Management
  • Instructor Training
  • Life Coaching
  • Choreography
  • DVD Production
  • Product Development
  • Training Methods for Injury and Injury Prevention